Save Our Taonga

Our Motto:

Here at 'Save our Taonga' we base our concerns with the protection, rights, and care taking of all our Taonga here in NZ and abroad. We are run by the people for the people. Whether its dealings pertaining to land, sacred sites, natural resources, artifacts, banks, law, people rights, etc, we are here to collect that information and provide it to the public. We are slowly gathering a base of data which could be helpful for you if you require it. Please feel free to inquire. Some of the dealings (Interest) past and present that we are dealing with include:

  • Crafar Farms (E.Lambert)
  • Banks- Fraud and Mortgages 
  • Te Tiki o Tamamutu (Meeting House- Tuwharetoa)
  • New Zealand Law
  • Wahi Tapu sites


Wahi Tapu Sites

                                                                                    Our People

We are a small collective group that have placed our interests and time to provide the foundations for a more positive future for our mokopuna (descendants). With a awakened understanding of the negative misuse of our resources, land, rights, and heritage we hope to provide a place for all to gather and share information that would be beneficial if you are in the same state of mind and position. We encourage those that have situations where they need help or who have a particular subject or area that needs attention to we would love to hear from you. It's never too late to fix things. "You have to start somewhere". We are always looking forward to new resources and members to join our attempt at providing a better world for our children. Contact us if you would like to help.



Law and Banks

We have based a large selection of our dealings in the area of banking and the hidden fraud that is being executed by them. If you have a fair understanding of the history about the banking 'cartel' you would understand the hidden chains they have placed on the ordinary people of Aotearoa and the world alike.
We have provided a brief description in some of our videos and links for you to view. It is an ongoing process to attempt to dismember those links of the chain to provide the rights back into the hands of the people. If we all stand as one, with the intention of truthful motions we are bound to win!
"With Aroha, Whakapono, and Truthful Intentions- Truth Seekers".

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